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Aghia Thekla | Karavas beach| Pyrghi | Ghialoudaki | Sykamia

The trail begins at the main dirt road, underneath the hillock with the chapel of Aghia Thekla, east of Liomandra. It runs smoothly on the contour line defined by cairns on each side.

On a right turn, you will see the chapel of Aghios Gheorgios on your left. The trail is less visible as you descend toward the beach, but you eventually reach Karavas bay through the ravine, focusing on the beach.

After the beach the trail spirals steeply uphill to the verdant plateau at Firovouni, with a nice spring. The ascent continues on rocky terrain to a fork. The right branch goes to the chapel of Panaghia Kamaroti, passing another refreshing spring on the way. The left branch goes to Vatoudhi; follow this branch and descend on rocky terrain past animal pens, deserted farmhouses and threshing floors [Pyrghi].

The trail turns unclear, but the cape of Aghios Georgios (Fournos) straight ahead and the ravine of Marmarenios Potamos -right of the trail—point to the general direction.

The trail is obvious again after the chapel of Aghios Gheorgios Vighlis, on the cape; the view over Ghialoudaki beach is lovely and the trail leads gently to Sykamia beach.