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Aghia Marina (Merties) | Koutalas bay (Koutalas & Ghanema beaches)

The trail starts at a dirt road, perpendicular to the main paved road which passes south of the church of Aghia Marina at Merties. Initially the trail is faint and infrequently marked; as you walk, it becomes clearer but the small red marks are still scarce.

The trail forks at the foot of the hill where Ghria's Castle is (some barely visible ruins).

The right (western] branch descends to Koutalas beach; the left branch goes to Ghanema. The right branch is fairly clear, parallel ; to a stone wall with nice views on the right to the stream of Phonias; as you walk, though, the trail disappears in dense vegetation.

The left branch is discreetly marked and downhill all the way. Mind the end; you : must find the proper point to descend to the street, 2m further.

The residents of Koutalas, however, claim that neither trail has been used since the mining heyday....