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Spathi lighthouse | Kofto (Plakes)

Begin at Ramos village; go west on the same paved road, and turn left on the dirt road going to the wasteyard. Pass the junction with the dirt road going to Kalo Abeli and continue south.

Ignore the next two junctions with dirt roads (going right and left) and before you are on the final stretch to the wasteyard, turn left on a secondary dirt road soon becoming rough and going to Spathi lighthouse. Behind the lighthouse, a tiered trail on wide slabs snakes down to the sea.

The shore is littered with stone slabs like diving boards, and small tubs form on the sharp rock, licked by waves and protected from the raging sea.

There is a trail from the lighthouse to the dirt road above Stamata beach with the fish farms, and further along it merges with the trail going to Alevrakia beach; we recommend against it, though, as it is particularly rough and unclear.