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Ksemonia | Aspros Pyrghos | Mavra Voladhia | Koutalas

The trail starts left of the main paved road descending from Merties to Koutalas.

There is a sign and the trail is very clear and smooth to Xemonia, where some country homes are. There, the trail merges with a smooth dirt road leading to the paved road, just before its junction with another dirt road going to Aspros Pyrghos.

Right on the junction, the trail begins again. It is very clear, passes a house and two goat-gates and follows the contour to the old mine tracks; here, it splits.

The right branch ascends steeply toward the paved road, next to old mine porticoes and wagons.

The left branch descends steeply to Koutalas, with marks increasing gradually, to end up at two stone buildings next to the paved road, outside the village of Koutalas.